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What is Eventur?

Eventur is a system designed to help you to explore cultural events happening in the Pittsburgh area with your friends. It collects information about various types of events all in one place. You can navigate, write reviews, rate interesting events and share this information with your friends. It is also possible to recommend events or invite your friends to join you. Based on your ratings about other users and interesting events, the system suggests personalized lists of events for you.

How I can find my friends?

Related menu : profile & friends --> My Friends; each user's profile
On the 'My Friends' page, you can search for your friend by login id, registered email or real name. When you find your friends, you can add them to your friend list. Once your friends accept your invitation to be a friend, they will appear in your friends list.
It is also possible for others to benefit from Eventur. Simply invite them to become a user.

How I can be a friend with another user?

Related menu : profile & friends --> My Friends
When you search a list of users, you are able to add them as friends. Eventur is based on mutual agreement to become friends. That is to say, both users have to agree on being friends. On each user's profile page, you can add the user as your friend, as well.

What are user ratings and how will they be used?

Related menu : each user's profile
Eventur basically utilizes the psychological theory that we conform to the opinions of friends. When people go to a music concert or exhibition, they commonly ask their friends' opinions, and invite them to go along. Based on this trusted human network, users can recommend items to their friends and evaluate their friends' taste about a certain genre of cultural events through ratings. For instance, you love your friend Jane's taste in musical concerts, but don't like her taste in exhibitions. You can rate Jane's profile. Once you rate a certain user's profile, system starts to recommend events suitable for you. Eventur does not expose your ratings about them to your friends. You can also give a rating to non-friend users if you like her/his taste. The rating is classified by event types. There are five ratings: 'I love it', 'I like it', 'Don't know', 'I don't like it' and 'I hate it.'

Recommendation generated by trust ratings

What happens if I recommend an event to my friend?

Related menu : Each event --> Recommend to friends; Each event --> Recommend to friends
If you find an interesting event and want to go to the event with your friends, you can invite or recommend the event to them. If your friends are Eventur users, the recommendation will be sent directly to their recommendation repository as in the below figure. If your friends are not Eventur users yet and you add them using just their email, Eventur send an email for recommendation.

Menu for sending recommendations

When you receive new recommendations from your friend, the system will display a flying box.

Recommendation page

I found an interesting event and I want to remember the event. How can I do that in Eventur?

Related menu : Each event --> Schedule this event
When you find an interesting event, you are able to add it to your repository. On the page for each event, you can schedule them.

Menu to save interesting events

My event page showing my schedules and reviews

I went to an event and I would like to write a review. Is it possible to do that in Eventur?

Related menu : Each event --> Create my review
Yes, it is possible to add your own review. On each event page, your can write your review and evaluate the event.

Page to write my reviews

My event page showing my schedules and reviews

How I can see a complete list of all events?

Related menu : Home --> Show all events
Eventur provides facet-based navigation. Just by clicking on facet, type or date, the event list corresponding to the facet or date is retrieved. According to previous studies, this facet-based navigation is helpful to understand the characteristics of the domain and to find information based on user's own strategy. Hence, you can find event you might like; at the same time it would be easier to see the events relevant to your interests.

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